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Remote Learning

Here at Ludworth we are very proud of our remote learning offer for the duration of the national lockdown. We have worked hard with parents to evaluate the online capacity of each child. Every child has a Microsoft 365 account set up by our Local Authority and all staff have been trained on using Microsoft TEAMs to support remote learning, including hosting live teaching sessions, uploading learning resources and providing feedback to children. During the Autumn term teachers held a series of Teams meetings with parents to introduce them to the format if they had not had the opportunity to use it before. 

School purchased a number of Google Chromebooks and 4G wireless hubs to support families to get online. These were supplemented by a number of laptops from the Department for Education.  We now know that all of our families are able to access our online remote learning offer.

Teachers host two to three live teaching sessions daily. Work and extra support links are uploaded and teachers provide parents with a weekly overview so that they know what is being taught and when live sessions are timetabled. School sent home exercise books, pencils and other stationary items so that children can complete work in a more traditional way as well as online. Whiteboards were sent home with our youngest children so that they could take part in interactive teaching sessions such as phonics, handwriting and number work. Teachers provide feedback on work, both during live sessions and online. Parents and children can contact teachers using TEAMs chat throughout the day. Teachers will then either respond using chat or call the child to support. Parents are required to supervise any one to one support sessions online.

Our remote learning curriculum is closely aligned to what children would have been doing in school if they were in attendance. Children in our Key Worker and Vulnerable children provision also take part in the live online teaching sessions and complete the same work as children at home. This means that all children are having the same learning experiences at the same time and we hope that this will make coming back to school when it fully reopens, much easier.

Teachers keep records of attendance at live teaching sessions as well as records of work completed online. Parents are contacted if children miss sessions so that teachers can identify barriers to engagement and offer necessary support. 

Please see guidance document below that was sent to all parents. It outlines expectations of school and home, as well as advice around safeguarding including online safety and safety during live teaching sessions. 

Our staff are constantly reviewing how effective our remote offer is. Weekly staff meetings are held via TEAMs and this means that improvements and developments can be consistently applied across the school.

Mrs J Sones