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Lunches and Healthy Eating

We are very proud of our dining facilities here at Ludworth Primary School. We have a separate dining hall that we have recently refurbished to make it an attractive environment for our children to have their lunch in. All tables have wipe clean table cloths that match the theme of our dining room, which is 'Our World'. Cutlery caddies sit in the centre of tables that are set up in a cafe style formation. Children eat from proper plates and bowls and use metal cutlery. We don't like the airline style trays you often see in primary schools.

We work closely with our school meal provider, Chartwells, to ensure that the food on offer is what we know most of our children enjoy. To enhance their experience, children are not expected to choose food weeks in advance; they choose what they want on the day. There is always an alternative choice in case children cannot get what they initially wanted. Our lunchtime supervisors run a fair system so that children have the opportunity to choose first on a regular basis.

Some children prefer to bring a packed lunch into school. This is eaten in the dining hall with the rest of the children. We have a healthy school packed lunch policy that we ask parents and carers to stick to:

  • Packed lunches should include a healthy balance of the main food groups
  • No fizzy drinks
  • Fruit is encouraged instead of sugary snacks
  • No more than one, small cake or biscuit
  • No sweets
  • If you pack yoghurt, please provide a spoon

Please see our packed lunch policy at the foot of this page, alongside a guidance chart to support healthy packed lunches.