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We understand that this is a very worrying time for everyone, but here at Ludworth Primary we fully support the government's pledge to ensure that all children return to school this September. Our country's medical professionals know far more about Coronavirus now than they did in March when schools closed to most children. They are now confident that the risk to children is very low. They also believe that children are not 'super spreaders' of Coronavirus the way that they are with a common cold, flu or sickness bug. This is not only good news for children, it is good news for the wider community because it means that the medical professionals believe children attending school will not be the cause of a local outbreak.

Having said this, we have taken stringent measures in school to ensure that there is a very low risk of the virus spreading. These measures include social distancing, increased personal hygiene and increased premises hygiene. All families have received information on what this looks like in school and copies of this can be found below. I have also included the risk assessment which was developed in line with government guidance and was used to plan for the return of our children.

Thank you to all parents who supported home learning during lockdown. We had some lovely feedback about what children had been up to at home. As part of the preparations we are continuing to make in the event of future local lockdown, we are looking at how remote learning can be more effective. Our plans include purchasing a bank of equipment to loan to families who do not have internet or appropriate devices to support remote learning. Our intention is that, should there be any further lockdown, children will access daily, live lessons online led by their usual class teacher. They will then be given some activities to do and they will be able to contact their teacher for help at any time. Following this, there will be more live sessions to discuss how well children tackled their work. Attendance at these online sessions will be mandatory.

The government published guidance on how future Coronavirus outbreaks could affect schools. Primary school education will not be affected except in the most severe of local outbreaks. Please see this website for more information about this COVID-19 contain framework . The guidance outlines a phased response in the event of a local outbreak. The response is in 4 tiers and primary education is only affected in Tier 4.

Thank you for your ongoing support. Please browse the documents below and the rest of this COVID section of our website. If there are any questions about anything we have written here, please do not hesitate to contact me in school.

Take care,

Mrs J Sones

Head Teacher