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Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day is 8th February 2022. Our School Council are leading activities to help children understand some key messages on how to keep themselves and others safe online. This is taught through our Computing curriculum, but our School Council felt that Safer Internet Day was a good time to think about key issues as a whole school. They developed this presentation to share with the rest of the children. As a school, we also thought that this day would be a good day for staff, children and parents to review our acceptable use agreements. Children will be bringing them home today. Please read them carefully, sign and return.  








Passwords must be kept secret because:

  • Someone could use your password to say something mean about someone, and you could get the blame
  • Someone could take your information or identity details
  • Someone could spoil your work
  • Someone could steal your money


At school, we have Internet filtering, so we are unlikely to see anything that upsets us. At home our filters may not be as good.

What should you do if you see something upsetting?



Some games are not meant for children our age and there are good reasons that we should not play them. They could have things in them like bad language, violence, crime or drugs. These things can affect us and make us have bad feelings.

How do you know when a game is too old?




Our computing curriculum helps us to stay safe online by thinking SMART!






Sharing images on social media of us in our school uniform can be dangerous because strangers can find out where we go to school.






Sharing information about where we live or go to school can also be dangerous.




This is one of the main problems we hear about in school:

Online gaming can be fun! But we need to be careful:

  • It can lead to cyberbullying
  • It can be dangerous if you play games with people you don’t know. They might not be who they say they are.

Never give personal information to people you meet on online games.