Parents Evenings

We hold 3 parents evenings each year, one each term. This is an opportunity for you to see your child’s class teacher and discuss progress and targets. At the end of each year, in July you will receive a written report about your child.

Parents are welcome to speak to class teachers each morning before 8:55am and after school.  Alternatively the head teacher is free to speak to parents whenever it is deemed necessary. We stress that parents should feel welcome to speak to the head teacher whenever the need arises.


Parents' Evening March 2016

Thank you for attending this event. We had quite a good turnout and we were very pleased to welcome you all into school.Out of the ninety children in school we received eighteen completed parents' evening satisfaction surveys. This is 20% of all possible responses and so the analysis only represents 20% of your opinions. So that we can continue to take your views into account when planning for improvements, it is very important that we receive as much feedback as possible and so we would encourage you to complete any questionnaires or surveys, if at all possible. Thank you for your help in this matter. The results can be found below.

    Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree Don't Know
1 Open Evening helped me be clear about what my child is good at 16 2      
2 Open Evening helped me be clear about what my child needs to improve 16 2      
3 I felt comfortable about asking the teacher questions or discussing my concerns 16 2      
4 I was given advice about how I can help my child at home 16 2      
5 I think that my child has settled into their new class well 16 2      
6 I felt as if any concerns I had about my child's progress were well addressed 16 2      
7 I think my child has made good progress so far this year 15 3      
8 My child is in Y2 and I have been well informed about Y2 SATs 1/1 reply        
9 My child is in Y6 and I have been well informed about Y6 SATs 1/1 reply        
10 I am happy with the appointment system for Open Evening 16 1 1    


As questions 8 and 9 only apply to a small amount of the children whose parents completed the questionnaire (Years 2 and 6) we have not included these responses in the graph. One person replied who has a child in Y6 and one who has a child in Y2. Both of these responses strongly agreed that they had been well informed about national testing.

Other Comments:

Four children's parents made additional comments and they were all very positive; recommending the school because it is fantastic with children and fantastic with parents, as well as praising teachers for doing a brilliant job. Thank you to these parents for their kind comments.

We are delighted with the strongly positive response to this survey. As you can see from the above responses, only one person ticked a 'negative' box and that was because they are not happy with the system for parents evening. You will have noticed that we had changed things this time following responses from last parents' evening feedback. We will continue to try and tweak things so that improvements continue to be made.

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