Class 4


Weekly timetable

Reading books and reading records should be brought into school every day. The children take part in Accelerated Reading every day for 30  minutes and complete tests regularly to check their understanding of what they have read.

Please could you listen to your child read throughout the week and sign their reading records.

If you want to buy a book for your child check that it is their correct reading level at this website: 

Thursday - Homewok to be handed in

Friday - Spellings are tested and new spellings given out. Maths and Grammar activities are given out

Autumn Term



In writing this term we have wrote balanced arguments to discuss whether Walkers should make their crisp packets recyclable. We researched how plastics impact the environment and how we can recycle more effectively

After a whole school trip to Hardwick Park, where we enjoyed a day exploring the stories of Roald Dahl we read the sory of ‘The Minpins’. We wrote  newspaper reports looking at evidence showing how Little Billy had gone missing. We also designed our own Minpin home and became estate agents to write persuasively to sell our homes.


In maths this term we have used the mastery approach covering place value, 4 operations as well as statistics. We spend time practising our times tables and division facts so that we can quicken our recall.

Check out this website for online games to help with your recall

In Class 4, we have investigated ‘What would a journey through your body be like?’ discovering our internal organs and their important jobs they do. We looked at what can change our pulse rate and the functions of the heart including the circulatory system. 

After half term, we have tried to answer the question ‘Do all animals and plants start life as an egg?’ We have achieved this by exploring the differing life cycles of living things as well as how plants reproduce. We took cuttings from a plant to see if we could clone our own……we are awaiting the results.


At the beginning of the school year we read the ‘The Dot’ which told the story of how we can make our own mark. We created our own unique dot and created colour wheels to experiment with mixing water colours. We explored the work of artist Robert Delaunay and how he used circles to create pieces of artwork. We created our own interpretations of his work using our colour mixing skills to create different shades.

After we read ‘The Minpin’ story we looked at the natural artwork of Andy Goldsworthy and enjoyed a Forest School activity afternoon where we created our own natural artwork. We gathered natural objects and in groups we created our own interpretation of the ‘Splittler’ character from the story,

Durham Police Education

We have had visits over the last 6 weeks on various topics including:

Internet Safety

Hate Crime

Traffic Safety

Wildlife Awareness

Community Emergencies

Stranger Danger

We have been informed by different specialist who have talked to us about these issues and we have taken part in activities. We really enjoyed the visit of Jet in our stranger danger visit.

The Ancient Egyptians

How can we rediscover the wonder of Ancient Egypt?

In our topic, we discovered how the Egyptians communicated using hieroglyphics and we had a go and writing our names and secret messages to a friend using them.


We examined how the Egyptians used the mummification process to preserve their dead for the afterlife and wrote an explanation of how this was carried out. We also used our skill in following an instructional text to enable us to create our own mummies with lots of bandages.




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