Class 3

Weekly timetable

Monday – Times Table activites and testing. Please can you support your child by helping to learn their times tables weekily. The age related expectation by the end of Year 4 is that your chid can recall and use multiplication and division facts for multiplication tables up to 12x12..

Wednesday – Maths and  homework journals to be handed in.

Friday – Spellings are tested and new spellings given out.  Children will be given time during the week in  basic skills lessons to complete spelling activites.

Friday - Maths and homework journals given out.

P.E. In Spring Term Class 3 will have P.E. on a Tuesday and will be swimming on a Friday afternoon. 

Reading books and reading records should be brought into school every day. The children take part in Accelerated Reading every day and complete tests regularly to check their understanding of what they have read.

Please could you listen to your child read throughout the week and sign their reading records


Autumn Term


We have had a busy term starting with an exciting trip the ‘The Forbidden Corner’ which we used to develop our creative writing. We used the characters which we found to develop our own unique character descriptions.



In our history topic we have been exploring ‘Why were the Romans so powerful?’ We looked at  the armour and weapons that the Romans used then we designed and created our own shields using Roman symbols as well as our own.  We enjoyed re-creating Roman battle formations and seeing which one was the most effective. We researched information about Roman gods and then created a class set of ‘Roman god Top Trumps’.  We also investigated how the Romans influenced things and places in our own locality.



In Science, we have been investigated sound. We have been listening to sounds and explored how sound moves via vibrations. We had opportunities to play different instruments and describe how we could  change the pitch and the amplitude. We created our own junk model instruments particularly looking at changing the sounds we could make.



Our geography topic has been exploring ‘What makes the Earth Angry?’ We have investigated different ways that the earth shows how it can be angry and how destructive it can be. We are continuing this topic by exploring different volcanoes and what causes them to erupt.


Spring Term

This term we have been reading the story of the Iron Man by Ted Hughes. We wrote diary entries from Hogarth's point of view and created an advertising campaign to sell our own magnetic games.


In Science, we have been exploring magnet force and asking the question 'Are you attractive enough?' We have made our own compasses an experimented to find North. We have also learned how magnets can repel and attract.


In Class 3, we have also been discovering the answer to 'What happens to the food we eat?

We had great fun making our digestion system and adding food to find out how each part works.



Wellfield Construction Project

We have been visiting Wellfield to take part in construction activities. We had two weeks learning and using joinery skills where we made a Mini Me and a boat. We also learned how to brick layer and we made a chimney and a Bar-B-Q. Take a look at some of our photographs to see the fun we had.


Summer Term

In Maths we have been using different units of measurements. We have been converting mm,cm, m and km. We went outside to measure objects on the playground to find their length and perimeter


In History this term, we are exploring 'The Normans'. We have used different search engines to develop a list of websites which have helped us to gather ideas for our non-chronological writing.







































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