Class 1

Spring Term

This term, the children have been learning about fantasy and real life superheroes! Some of the children built a fire engine outside using the construction blocks and some tyres!


Our 2 year old children have been having lots of fun with frozen paint lollies!


The children have been learning about Chinese New Year! We decided to take part in their culture by trying some of their food! The children tried prawn crackers and noodles! 

Some of the children enjoyed dressing up in clothes that people wear in China...



The children have been learning how to take selfies! We used different filters and setting to change the images. The children had lots of fun doing this and were able to use the camera app more efficiently.



The children really enjoyed the snow! We decided to use the paints outside and paint pictures on the white blank canvas!



Autumn Term

Class 1 children have enjoyed settling into their new classroom this term. Our topics have been 'Homes and Castles' and 'Celebrations'.

The Reception children have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes. They worked together to sort them into groups!



Class 1 really enjoyed Halloween! They created their very own halloween lanterns!



The Children were learning about the story 'Room on the Broom' and they also had a task to learn about an artist, called Andy Goldsworthy, who uses the environment to create works of art! The children created their own work of art, and formed a pumpkin picture on the ground, using only what they could find in the outdoors!

The children then gathered materials such as sticks and straw, and made their very own broomsticks like the witch from 'Room on the Broom'! The children flew around the on them and we acted out the story together! 

Finally, the children created their very own magical potion! They followed a recipe and stired it in a spooky cauldron!
Lucas said "It will turn me into a robot!"
Loui said "It will turn me into a dinosaur!"
The children were very creative, so we wrote about our magic potions back in the classroom!



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