Dining Hall Improvements

Last term we made an extensive plan to improve the dining experience for our children at lunchtime. This was in response to concerns about meals from parents and children, as well as the difficulty of administering the 'band' system. We also wanted to improve our dining experience following our Poverty Proofing audit with Children North East. We aim to make the experience so positive that all children take up at least one school meal at some point during the week and all children entitled to free school meals take advantage of this regularly.

The first phase of our improvements is complete. We have:

  • Reviewed our menu so that we are providing more of the food our children enjoy.
  • Taken away the prior choice 'band' system and replaced it with a system where children choose what they want when they reach the dining hall. This choice is informed as the menu has been shared with everyone in advance. Children can also choose to have a mix of school and packed lunches throughout the week.
  • Improved the layout of the tables in the dining hall so that children are seated more sociably.
  • Replaced the plastic airline style trays with attractive plates and bowls. This means that children's desserts are not getting cold while they eat their main course.
  • Replaced plastic cutlery with attractive, metal cutlery which is placed on the tables in cutlery caddies; just like some restaurants do.
  • Improved the appearance of the tables with attractive oil style table cloths.

Next steps:

  • We are planning to replace the stained old floor vinyl.
  • We will have the dining hall painted.
  • The children will be making artwork for the walls using the theme of food around the world.

We can't wait for it all to be done! However, the improvements we have made already are fantastic! Have a look at our pictures below.


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