The Big Move!

Everyone moved classrooms last week. As you know, we had a new classroom built during the Autumn Term. It has been fantastic having this extra space to take groups of children for focused work, however, in preparation for next academic year, a class has now moved into that room permanently.


In order to accommodate an increase in numbers of children in our Early Years Unit, we have taken down the dividing wall betwee Class 1 and Class 2. It looks a bit bare at the moment, but we have ordered extra furniture and equipment which should be here soon. These two classes together will be known as Class 1.

Key Stage 1 (Class 2)

This used to be Class 3 and it is now Class 2.

Lower Key Stage 2 (Class 3)

This used to be Class 4 and now it is Class 3.

Upper Key Stage 2 (Class 4)

This is our new classroom and it is now called Class 4.

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