Robinwood 2016

Last week, 20 of our children from Y4 toY6 travellef to Robinwood Activity Centre, Alston. They had a fantastic time, trying their hardest and pushing their boundaries in activities such as Piranha Pool, Trapeze, Crate Challenge, Stream Walk, Canoeing, Caving, Rock Climbing, Ostacle Course, Nightline, Quest and of course, the terrifying Giant Swing!

Not only did the children learn how to rock climb, they also learned about the importance of working as a team to keep each other safe.

The food was fantastic at Robinwood! Children were divided into two groups - Waterfall and Spring - for all of their activities, including eating. The groups enjoyed cooked breakfasts every day, a tasty lunch, a huge dinner and hot chocolate with a biscuit at the end of the day. They could also eat as much fruit as they wanted throughout the day. 

Some children liked to get very muddy indeed!

Children had to squeeze through tights spaces...

...and jump off high things!

They had to help each other to find their way around the Nightline course... blindfolded!

Everyone found out new things about themselves and each other. Some children suprised themselves and found new interests and talents that they didn't know they had. Everyone had a fantastic time and returned home tired and (just about) in one piece.

A big thank you to the staff of Robinwood, Miss Herbert, Mrs Rutter and Mr Griffiths for making this an unforgettable experience. And of course, a big thank you to the children who were a credit to themselves, their families and their school.

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