E-Safety Assembly

It is really important to stay safe on line. At school, we often talk about this in class, however, PCSO Stephen wanted to emphasise the importance of 'e-safety' and so he led an assembly.

PCSO Stephen helped us to think about these key message:

  • Never accept people as online 'friends' who you don't know in real life. We can't know if information strangers share about themselves is the truth or not. For example, a person could lie about their age so that you will talk to them. They may not be who they say they are and they could be up to no good!
  • Don't make personal information public on the internet. Never share your phone number, address, or even the school you go to, with people you don't know.
  • Be careful who can see your pictures! Once a picture is out there in internet land, it can be shared so many times that it is impossible to completely delete.
  • Think about the sorts of pictures you share with friends. Even 'Snap Chat' pictures can be shared with people you did not intend because whoever receives them can screen shot and keep them.
  • Cyber bullying is when we say unkind, hurtful or threatening things online. This could be through websites such as Facebook, apps such as Twitter, messaging formats such as 'Whats App' or even good old fashioned text messaging! It is also common for people to cyber bully through X-Box Live. Be careful what you say to others and tell an adult if someone says something hurtful to you.

PCSO Stephen was keen to remind us that we should always tell an adult if something happens on line that you are unsure or uncomfortable about.

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