Santa Sends a Mischievous Elf!

On Monday 30th November an Elf arrived in school with a passport and a letter from Santa. We all got together in assembly to read the letter, which explained that Santa had sent the elf to observe us and send messages to the North Pole about who was naughty and who was nice! We couldn't believe it ... but then we watched a video from someone's security cameras last Christmas and it showed the Elf getting up to all sorts of pranks! Santa explained that elves do lots of valuable jobs at Christmas but they can get a bit bored when they are left alone at night and they sometimes play tricks and jokes to keep themselves entertained.  We all voted and decided to name our elf 'Buddy'.

On the 1st of December, Buddy made snow angels out of icing sugar all over the school! He also sprinkled glitter on desks and wrote his name in it!

On the 2nd of December, Buddy ate Mrs Sones's special biscuit and took selfies of himself and posted them all over the school. He was found under the Christmas tree with a sore tummy and chocolate all over his mouth. He had even written 'Ha!' in Mrs Sones's post-it notes all over the floor!

On 3rd December we all followed a glitter trail through the school... led to the dining hall where we found that Buddy had made a mess with chairs, bowls and cutlery. He'd also eaten all of Breakfast Club's Weetabix!

As well as getting up to mischief during the night, Buddy finds time to write in his special book. He writes the names of children he has seen being exceptionally good during the day. Every day in assembly we open the book and read out the names. These children get a special letter from the chief elf and a candy cane or chocolate coin. We love getting together every day to see whose name will be read out.

Log in next week to see what else Buddy has been up to!

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