Buddy and Bailey are Back!

This morning, we all came into school to find that Buddy and Bailey were back! They had pulled all of our school Christmas trees out of storage and piled them up in the hall where the naughty elves then dangled from tinsel above them. 

The signs scattered around the messy pile warned us that we had to put up our school trees and Buddy and Bailey would be watching to make sure we did a good job!

Buddy and Bailey brought the 'Elf Book' back to school with them. Every day, the elves choose one person from each class who has been an excellent role model that day. They write these names in the Elf Book and Mrs Sones reads them out in assembly. The children in the Elf Book get a letter from Buddy to say how good they have been and they may get a dip in Buddy's treat bag too!

                              Buddy                                                Bailey



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