OPAL Project

If you are a regular visitor to our website or a child, parent or carer who is part of our school community, you will know how important good quality play is to us. We have an OPAL Platinum award for the quality of our play provision which we are always reviewing and improving. 

Our OPAL mentors are a group of children who facilitate good play and they fed back to school leaders that children would like to extend our active play area, particularly to include balance activities.

Mrs Sones has facilitated the OPAL mentors in deciding exactly what they want, meeting with play equipment installation companies, developing a design and arranging for installation. As part of this, the OPAL mentors had to help meadure the playground area and consider a tight budget when planning. They also had to present their work to the Finance Committee of the school's Governing Body for approval. They did this excellently and were so persuasive that the committee agreed to spend the money.

All of this work had been very confidential and then, when the OPAL mentors had a clear, approved plan, they led an assembly to present their design to the rest of the school. The reaction was wonderful! The children were delighted! They cannot wait until the equipment is installed, which we are hoping will be in January 2020.

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