Attendance Assembly

Today the children enjoyed another end-of-half-term celebration of good attendance. Everyone who has achieved 97% or better attendance since coming back to school after Christmas was rewarded with a certificate and a special pencil. These were given out in a lovely assembly where it was a pleasure to see children clapping and cheering to celebrate each other's achievement. 

Every time a child is awarded with a good attendance certificate, they get a raffle ticket put into a box. The raffle will be drawn at the end of the school year. Obviously, the more tickets a child has in the box, the better their chance is of winning the prize. The prize will be something rather special and really worth having. 

This half term only 39% of children achieved 97% or more. There has been a lot of illness such as cold and flu viruses and some stomache bugs. Last term, 61% of children received a certificate and we think this dramatic decline is because of all the viruses travelling around.

There will be another good attendance assembly held on 5th April where we will look to see who has achieved 97% or over from January 2019 to 4th April 2019. Here's hoping for a brighter picture! As ever, the support of parents and carers in getting their children into school regularly is very much appreciated, as we all agree how crucial it is to avoid gaps in children's learning where at all possible.

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