Busy Spring Term So Far!

Ludworth Primary children have enjoyed a variety of exciting experiences since returning to school after Christmas. Including some very important work with the NSPCC to help children to keep themselves safe. 

The NSPCC led age appropriate assemblies for all children from Reception up to Year 6. They were delivering their 'Speak Out, Stay Safe' programme where they help children to understand how they can keep themselves safe from harm and where they can get help if they need to. In addition to the assemblies, Years 5 and 6 developed their understanding further through a workshop that lasted a whole afternoon.

Y5 and 6 have worked on a fantastic project assisted by Peter Sagar: a local expert on the cultural heritage of fomer mining communities. This included exploring some of the history around Ludworth Pit, 'Pitmatic' language and songs written and performed by pitman musicians. The children wrote their own plays using pitmatic vocabulary, they wrote their own songs and made presentations of famous pitman musicians and the history of Ludworth. They then put all of this together and performed a lovely assembly for the rest of the school and some of their parents. We are hoping to extend this project to work with Thornley Primary School and to put together a performance for the wider community.

The 28th January was a particularly exciting day! All children had the opportunity to work with a specialist Judo teacher to develop their Judo skills. It looked (and sounded!) like they were having a wonderful time!

Also on 28th January, we were lucky enough to be able to welcome Image Theatre once again for our annual, interactive performance. This year it was Oscar Wilde's 'The Selfish Giant' and the children enjoyed it enormously! All children are taught some of the songs so they are able to join in and some children get to dress up and take part in the play.

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